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Greener Deals Are A Long Term Industrial Play

Greener Deals Are A Long Term Industrial Play

We have seen the specification of new industrial and warehouse buildings continue to evolve with sustainability and wellness at the centre of that for some time. It is only more recently that some of these principles are being applied to the refurbishment of existing buildings. A number of our clients, including Legal & General and Mileway, have been at the forefront of this process.

Increasingly our institutional clients are looking to achieve an EPC grade B or higher on their refurbishment projects, which is a long way above the MEES requirements. Choosing to go above and beyond the average specification comes at a cost, but the improvements to the building are seen as long-term investments. The installation of heat pumps to heat and cool office space is one of the most obvious changes, removing the need for an active gas connection. Clients are also looking at EV charging capacity – both in terms of the number of chargers they provide and the speed of those chargers – to ensure that the buildings are able to accommodate the increasing number of EVs on the road.

Token PV installations have been a component of new-build specifications for some time, but a number of our institutional clients are now exploring ways to significantly increase the extent of the PV on the roof of existing buildings. The market is still finding its feet on how to share the benefit of PV with an occupier, but in the current market some of these installations have the capacity to deliver very meaningful savings and additional power at a time when spare capacity in the grid can be limited.


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This article was written by Dan Jackson and initially published on EG News – and in the Estates Gazette.